About Mallrate

We travel the World bringing you reviews of Shopping Malls. We also cover all manner of Mall News, including special features on all aspects and appearences of Malls in Popular Culture from movies, books, games and music.

Who I Am

I love Malls. I grew up in one - it was my second home! I love being in them, I love watching videos about them, I love reading stories about them and I love writing about them. I truly wish I could plug you into my brain because I am not eloquent enough to put my passion into words. I scoured the internet to find a source of Mall News, Reviews and Culture, but the sites were either merely very broad travel sites or were far too dry and stuffy, dealing in financials and data analysis. I had to go to multiple sites in order to get my fix, and if I wanted Mall news I had to search through multiple news sites, full of at least 95% bad news, doom-mongering and click-bait.

I wanted something different. I wanted one site with fun stories, positive news and, being a child of the 90's, I wanted to recall the heyday of Mall Culture and to be swaddled in a puffy, soft blanket of nostalgia. I wanted all media - songs, games, movies, books - regarding Shopping Malls to be accessible under one web-based roof. Just like a Mall, come to think of it!

What We Do

We are a small team of passionate enthusiasts. When travelling, some head straight for the most famous sites. We head straight to the Mall. Now, with this awesome Site, partnered with our Youtube channel, we want to bring the greatest Malls in the World to you. We know you share our passion (you wouldn't be here otherwise!), but getting to every Mall in every Country is just not realistic for most.

Well, we want to try to do this. No Mall shall remain unturned! We will create videos on Youtube so you can browse these Malls in glorious HD from the comfort of your own home. We will also take many photographs and write extensively of our experiences. We will also continue to update the site daily, featuring Mall movies, music, reviews, books, games - well, anything related to Malls! We also scour the Web for great Mall news and events and present them to you on Mallrate.

Thank-you so much for your support, we hope we can continue to entertain you and we look forward to building an awesome community of fellow Mall-lovers together with you.