Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay was made by human hands in the mid-1800's and has since developed into a magical place, with no fewer than three Malls and many other attractions. One Mall, however, sticks out above all others: DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. This is because DiverCity is where the giant, 18-meter robot chose to land. Gundam RX-78-2 arrived on April 19th, 2012 and has been standing sentinel, diligently guarding the entrance to the Mall ever since. Unfortunately the Gundam, which has seen many battles since its construction in 1979, is growing tired and so the Citizens of Odaiba Island began to become vocal in their concerns that this old friend may not withstand many more invasion attempts.

So, in March of this year, the decision was made to retire the RX-78-2 and bring in a later model – the RX 0 Unicorn, developed by Anahein Electronics; lighter, faster and sporting a 60mm Vulcan gun and twin beam sabers. A far superior machine to be sure, but this new enforcer can't touch the classic design of RX-78-2, which has become as much a part of the City of Tokyo as the Tower. We at Mallrate wish to celebrate the passing of this graceful machine. We were able to get up nice and close before it was sent away and are happy to present a photo essay of the metal giant. Enjoy!

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